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With this section, one of the oldest of Audio Nirvana, we want to give to the audiophiles a place where to buy or sell hi-fi equipment directly to other users. We give this space absolutely free, because we belive that 2nd hand, ex-demo or out-of-catalogue equipment are an excelent way to begin with hi-fi or to improve existing systems. Professionals of the hifi distribution (shops, etc) can also send their advertisements to this section, althought it will be necessary to indentify themselves as professionals. All the messages must include an email address for contacting sellers or buyers.

Audio Nirvana brings to you this section for free with the aim to give audiophiles all around the world a place where they can buy or sell easily their hifi equipment. Audio Nirvana recommends to you to be careful with the transactions you do and also wants to remember that these transactions are made under your exclusive responsibility. Audio Nirvana is no responsible in any way for the transactions between the users of this section, nor for the damages that they may cause.

07/02/2005 -- ATTENTION !!! Some users of this section have sent to me warning messages where they explain that some buyers have contacted them to buy their equipment offering INTERNATIONAL PERSONAL CHEQUES as method of payment. It seems that they contact the sellers saying that they are far away from home in places where thay can not do a bank transfer or use another method of payment. I have to warm you about these situations because these payment methods are not sure enough for your transactions. Also to remember you that if you are not 100 % sure about any transaction you are about to do, it is better to refuse it.

10/01/2008 -- To all the users of this section: As you already now, Audio Nirvana web site has this section for all the audiophiles who want to sell or buy hi-fi equipment. The maintenance of this section is made in a daily basis and it needs your help. So, we suggest to all sellers:

And to all buyers:

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14/11/2014-Wanted BENZ MICRO LUKAS PP phono preamp. Contact urtzi@ekilore.net.

14/11/2014-Wanted Audio Research, Mcintosh MC275 or similar power amp. 2 for mono or one for stereo. For Classe 600 preamp and Guarneri Homage speakers. Contact javier@dialsl.net.

19/11/2014-Wanted Metaxas Opulence preamp . Contact sintagma13@gmail.com.

01/12/2014-Wanted mig-high end interconnect with RCA to XLR and XLR to RCA terminals. Contact vmendezv@gmail.com.

01/12/2014-Wanted Bower and Wilkins 802 Diamond. Contact xiscomatas@hotmail.com.

01/12/2014-Wanted Merlin Tarántula interconnect. Contact manuscorpio@hotmail.es.

15/12/2014-Wanted JPW P1, JPW AP2, JPW AP3 or Snell type K (any version) speakers. Contact marce170@hotmail.com.

15/12/2014-Wanted Audio Research d120 or similar. Contact juuhifi@gmail.com.

24/12/2014-Wanted floorstander speakers from Jamo (Concert series), Usher (Dancer Mini One), Epos (high and mid range) or PMC (from FB1). Contact esrmml@hotmail.com.

07/01/2015-Wanted DAC CEC at good price. Contact sintagma13@gmail.com.

07/01/2015-Wanted McIntosh C2300 preamp. in perfect working order and condition. Contact solerariasj@periodistes.org.

13/01/2015-Wanted Wilson Audio Maxx 2 speakers. Original packaging. In good condition 9/10. Contact jfb1@portalia.es.

14/01/2015-Wanted CD player or CD transport with AES/EBU XLR ouput. Contact vic38@telefonica.net.

20/01/2015-Wanetc Audioquest audio Truth Lapis x 3 interconnect. 1.50 m, balanced. Contact josvilo@hotmail.com.

20/01/2015-Wanted ARTEC ARTP60E integrated amplifier. Contact wwwjca@yahoo.es.

20/01/2015-Wanted MARK LEVINSON 334 power amp. Contact tijerobilbao@gmail.com.

21/01/2015-Wanted Sonus Faber Guarnieri Homage 1st edition. Must be in perfect condition. With original packaging and all docs. Contact santimg@telefonica.net.

26/01/2015-Wanted 1 TRANSPARENT MUSIC WAVE SUPER BIWARE speaker cable. 2.4m, las version. Contact fconabue@yahoo.es.

03/02/2015-Wanted Audioquest Lapis X3 (Audiotruth) or Diamond 1m interconnects. With factory fitted RCA connectors. Contact xabierca@euskalnet.net.

04/02/2015-Wanted Audio Research Ls-5 Mk-2 preamp. Contact josvilo@hotmail.com.

12/02/2015-Wanted Jungson AV1000D or AV1000A in good condition. Contact kingcoli@hotmail.com.

12/02/2015-Wanted Mcintosh C 50 preamp. Contact pedroarg2@gmail.com.

12/02/2015-Wanted ASR Emitter 2. Contact ivanpantin@gmail.com.

17/02/2015-Wanted Michealson y Austin TVA-1 power amp. Contactn jrnietoro@hotmail.com.

05/03/2015-Wanted tube preamp or trade in for Copland CTA 405 integrated amplifier as new. Contact miguelnoda@gmail.com.

10/03/2015-Wanted Spendor SP2/3 in perfect working order. Best if versions previous to model /R2. Contact hervas_@hotmail.com.

16/03/2015-Wanted high-end reel-to-reel recorder: Otri, Studer, Revox, Tascam, Teac, Akai, Technics, Sony, Pioneer. Contact valio53@hotmail.com.

16/03/2015-Wanted integrated amplifier with more than 80W. No more tahn 10 years old. Jungson, Xindak or Dussun. Contact germarc@icloud.com.

17/03/2015-Wanted Phono Leben RS-30EQ. Contact jaume07@yahoo.com.

19/03/2015-Wanted Audiophysic Yara Evolotion, Spark or Sitara 25. Contact oscarbartu@gmail.com.

26/03/2015-Wanted Krell KAV 500i amplifier. In perfect condition. Contact Studio54jbl@hotmail.com.

08/04/2015-Wanted Dynaudio Craft speakers as new. Contact studio54jbl@hotmail.com.

17/04/2015-Compro interface de audio M2tech hiface two. Contactar con tel. 657259306 o email mdrluz@gmail.com.

17/04/2015-Wanted MM cartridge: Nagaoka MP-500, Clearaudio Maestro, Ortofon 2M Black, Ligth used and perfect. Contact fredy.garcia@mac.com.

24/04/2015-Wanted EAR834P phono preamp. Contactar con esteldemar_74@hotmail.com.

24/04/2015-Wanted Forte f44 or f40 preamp in original condition ow with manufacturer upgrade. In mint condition. Contact jmtagoro@hotmail.com.

04/05/2015-Wanted platter for THORENS TD 125. Contact juanjoetxaniz@gmail.com.

04/05/2015-Wanted Sonus Faber Electa Amator 1 speakers in perfect condition. Contact studio54jbl@hotmail.com.

08/05/2015-Wanted Clearaudio Syncro. Contact toniyluisa@hotmail.com.

05/08/2015-Wanted Siltech ST38 G3. 2 x 1 m RCA. Contact josepbello@gmail.com.

10/08/2015-Wanted Primaluna ProLogue Two in working order. In the best possible condition. Contact clembuterol@gmail.com.

10/08/2015-Wanted Mcintosh ma 2275 integrated amplifeir (part of payment would be two Electrocompaniet 180M from year 2000 and Virtual dinamics master reference cables (0.8 m). Contact murkidi4@gmail.com.


Contact jaumealaro@yahoo.es.

26/08/2015-Wanted Dynaudio Audience 42 or Dynaudio Audience 52 speakers. Contact j.pascuals@hotmail.com.

04/09/2015-Wanted Thorens 166 MK II or Thorens TD-160 turntable in working order. Contact pepecasa1978@gmail.com.

09/09/2015-Wanted Audiophon preamplifier. Contact agtoledo973@hotmail.com.

09/09/2015-Wanted TEAC P10 trasnports in good condition. Contact dgetenay@gmail.com.

09/09/2015-Wanted NAD M3 amplifier. Contact dvmaestro@gmail.com.

09/09/2015-Wanted amplifier Micromega with Hypex modules, models IA180 or IA400. In perfect condition. Contact mamiguel2@hotmail.com.

16/09/2015-Wanted Audiomeca Cd player or similar. In very good condition. Contact corneliusfelix@telefonica.net.

16/09/2015-Wanted YBA Diamond interconnect. Contact antonbrey@yahoo.es.

21/09/2015-Wanted Marantz st 6003. Only in black. In good conditions. Contact miabrilll@hotmail.com.

30/09/2015-Wanted Dynaudio Confidence C3 with original stands. In perfect working order and condition. Contact bower9@msn.com.


03/11/2014-For sale Arcam CD192 CD player. Top of range. New 1600 €. Now 450 €. Almost perfect. Boxed. RING DAC, Upsampling to 192 KHz with Wolfson filters. Great sound. Contact alejanmove@gmail.com.

03/11/2014-For sale Advance Acoustic MCD 204 tube CD player. As new. 2 years old. Remote. Box. Analog RCA and XLR outputs. 379 €. Contact fran.valvulas@hotmail.com.

05/11/2014-For sale Jadis Defy DP 60 preamp. Very good. New tubes. External power supply. Boxed. 1300 €. Contact mmn_72@hotmail.com.

06/11/2014-For sale Theta Digital Casanova 5.1. Excellent HC system. Contact r.nadal63@gmail.com.

10/11/2014-For sale:

Reasonable offers welcome. Contact galeon1983@hotmail.com.

12/11/2014-For sale Grado SR 225i headphones. Mint. As new. 10/10, boxed. 125 €. Can send pics. Contact antoniodelaf@yahoo.es.

14/11/2014-For sale Vecteur L4.2 CD player. RRP more than 2000 €. Very good condition. Selling for 350 €. Can send pics. Contact dubitscher@hotmail.com.

14/11/2014-For sale subwoofer JL Audio Fathom F-112. Perfect. Boxed. 2800 €. Contact peibolmain@gmail.com.

14/11/2014-For sale pair fof Sonus Faber Concertino Home speakers. Mint. Boxed. 575 €. Buyer pays shipment. Contact veritasveritatis@hotmail.com.

14/11/2014-For sale JBL 4425 STUDIO MONITOR speakers. 650 € plus shipping. Contact lagedaniel@gmail.com.

17/11/2014-For sale Stream Magic 6 by Cambrigde Audio ands USB Carbon 1.5 m by Audioquest for 400€. Contact peioezpeleta1965@gmail.com.

17/11/2014-For sale 4x12AT7 SYLVANIA EEUU Original JAN. Very good. 2 pairs. Matched pairs. 30 € pair. Contact josvilo@hotmail.com.

17/11/2014-For sale:

Trade ins welcome. In Lisbon-Portugal. Contact pedrofurtad@gmail.com.

18/11/2014-For sale AQ LAPIS Hiperlitz interconnects. 0.5m, highest hiperlitz series. Same built as Lapis X3 but with warmer sound. 200 €. Contact titoveneno@hotmail.com.

10/04/2014-For sale NAD M-15 HD preamplifier. Light use. Condition 10/10. Boxed. Upgradable. 3000 €. Contact flatorrecrispulo@gmail.com.

19/11/2014-For sale NAIM XS2 integrated amplifier. Official warranty. Invoice. 10/10. 1150 €. Buyer pays shipment. Contact jgich@yahoo.es.

19/11/2014-For sale Kimber 4TC bare speaker cable. 2x3 m. 115 € . Contact lmadrados@hotmail.com.

01/12/2014-For sale Naim n-Vi in excellent conditon. Display and transport system replaced by Naim-UK in april 2013. 1000 €. Contact ardavin@cnb.csic.es.

01/12/2014-For sale SANSUI AU-999 upgraded and improved. Excellent conditon. 950 €. Contact lagedaniel@gmail.com.

01/12/2014-For sale my collection of turntables. Great units from GARRARD, THORENS, DUAL, etc. Contact rreruvilar@gmail.com.

11/12/2014-For sale Audio Agile 2m power cord. 60 €. As new. Contact josvilo@hotmail.com.

11/12/2014-For sale Transparent Audio Music Link Plus balanced interconnect (last series) Mint 10/10. 2 meters. 250 Euros (RRP 805 Euros). Can send pics. Contact g.gomezgarde@gmail.com.

12/12/2014-For sale JBL 4425 STUDIO MONITOR. 650 € plus shipping. Contact lagedaniel@gmail.com.

12/12/2014-For sale Sansui SR1050C turntable. Excellent quality. From the 1970s. All manuals, belt drive, 10 kg, with GRADO FC+ cartridge. Buyer pays shipment. 170 €. Contact lorenzo.lai@uam.es.

15/12/2014-For sale Rega Apollo CD player. As new. Ligth use, black. 350 €. Contact davidsendino@gmail.com.

15/12/2014-For sale Pass Labs x.250.5 stereo power amp. Perfect. 50 kg. Can deal with difficult speakers. 250w/8ohm 500w/4ohm. 3200 €. Contact juan_plazajar@hotmail.com.

16/12/2014-For sale Martin Logan SL3. Perfect. Serviced, new panel changed by official dealer (Sartre) with invoice of 1000 €. Perfect. Selling for 1700 €. Contact rafaybond@hotmail.com.

17/12/2014-For sale SME IV tonearm in silver. Perfect condition. As new. All documentation, mounting templates, tools, original double box. 1000 €. Contact jcm0768@yahoo.es.

18/12/2014-For sale Ssennheiser HD 650 with original box. 200 €. Contact cancharrales6@hotmail.com.

19/12/2014-For sale REGA P7 turntable. NIB. 1075 €. Stereophile B class. Black with separated power supply (TPSU). Contact jluisme2011@gmail.com.

19/12/2014-For sale RESTEK FACTOR integrated amplifier. Silver. Phono preamp and separated power supply. Upgraded in 2009. 1150 €. Contact dubitscher@hotmail.com.

19/12/2014-For sale Diapason Micra III N.W speakers. One month old. Grilles included. 1350 €. Contact marad@hotmail.es.

22/12/2014-For sale OYAIDE ee/f-s 2.6 power cord (1.4 m). 50 €. Very neutral. Contact guerrac@telefonica.net.

07/01/2015-For sale Audio Consulting Mipa reference. 2x30 W, with 2x12v batteries and 2 chargers. 6000 €. Equipment in Porto, Portugal. Contact ajorge.cerqueira@sapo.pt.

07/01/2015-For sale PASS LABS X5 multichannel power amp. 1490€. Equipment in Madrid. Contact patricio_arrieta@hotmail.com.

07/01/2015-For sale ACCUPHASE T-1100 tuner. Bought in september and ligth used. One of the best tuners available. Mint. Box, manuals.... 3000 €. Contact jniclos@gmail.com.

12/01/2015-For sale Musical Fidelity KW 500 in perfect condition. In Madrid. 2500 euros. Contact jalrodalan@gmail.com.

12/01/2015-For sale AUDIOLAB 8000PPA phono preamp. In silver. Perfect condition. Can send pics. 490 €. Contact ricardo218@orangemail.es.

12/01/2015-For sale Sonus Faber Signum speakers with original adjustable stands. They are in excellent condition with original boxing for the speakers. The stands are the heavier version made by Sonus Faber which adjustable in height. Asking price 1250 €. Listening and viewing is possible in Barcelona upon request. Photo’s can also be sent upon request. Contact karstdj@gmail.com.

13/01/2015-For sale Audiophon MM phono premap. 2xECC83 JJ Tesla. 300 €. Contact lamb0@ono.com.

13/01/2015-For sale:

Contact miguel.valente@auchter.pt.

13/01/2015-For sale WADIA 121 DAC in perfect condition. All parts and accesories, box, original pen and remote. 850 €. Contact nherrero@live.com.

14/01/2015-For sale SANSUI AU-999 upgraded and improved. Excellent. 950 € plus shipping. Trade-ins welcome for CD or DAC. Contact lagedaniel@gmail.com.

16/01/2015-For sale Marantz SA 11 S3. SACD/CD Y DAC up to 24/192 kHz. Inputs: USB, asincronic for PC o Mac, USB frontal, pen Drive, Apple, optical and coaxial. Output: RCA, XLR and digital. Top of Marantz range. Black. As new 10/10. Boxed. RRP 3990 €-4400 €. Now selling for 2400 €. No trade-ins. In Madrid. Contact amdecarlos@mpib.es.

22/01/2015-For sale:

Contact amartin@eprtvib.com.

23/01/2015-For sale Mcintosh MC275 and C220 tube power amp amb preamp. 4500 €. Not selling separately. Buyer pays shipment. Can send pics. Contact carmeloburle@gmail.com.

26/01/2015-For sale Xavian Gran Colonna speakers. Perfect. Size 90x18x24 cm. Each 18kg. 390 €. ​Contact depeche@terra.com.

26/01/2015-For sale:

All boxed. Contact pqnrica@yahoo.com.

27/01/2015-For sale Project Debut Carbon black piano with Ortofon OM10 cartirdge. NIB. 8 kg 250 €. Contact enrikelnsf@Hotmail.com.

05/02/2015-For sale SACD SONY DVPNS 900V in perfect working order. Remote. Multiformat DVD, CD and SACD with great sound. 280 €. Would accept trade-in for DAC or tube integrated amplifier. Contact alquilandocaboplata@yahoo.es.

12/02/2015-For sale Furotech FS-Alpha interconnects. 2.5m each. Rodium spades on one sidfe, bananas at the other. 350 €. Contact r.nadal63@gmail.com.

12/02/2015-For sale MARK LEVINSON 23.5 in good condition. 2500 €. Contact maestroguzman@hotmail.com.

12/02/2015-For sale Polk Audio Lsi7 speakers. Cherry. One owner. Boxed. As new. 450 €. Contact salva.guardiola@gmail.com.

13/02/2015-For sale Jumpers Transparent Reference in perfect condition. RRP 300 €, now 150 €. Can send pics. Contact delgadomunozmi@me.com.

17/02/2015-For sale Network Audio Player Pioneer N-30-S. Bougth Jan 2014. Original box. 190 €. Contact sanchezra@eresmas.com.

05/03/2015-For sale m2tech Palmer power supply. Perfect. 10/10. 395 €. Contact puchea100@hotmail.com.

12/03/2015-For sale Mastersound Due Undici tube integrated amplifier with remote. Single-Ended 11 w pure Class A. Excellent built. Great sound. 1400 euros. Contact marad@hotmail.es.

13/03/2015-For sale Mcintosh D100 preamplifier. Perfect condition. One owner. Original packaging and docs. 2000 €., plus shipping. Contact joxean.arriola@gmail.com.

13/03/2015-For sale AIR TIGHT ATM-1 amplifier. Mint, almost unused. Contact uk9000@conex.jazztel.es.

13/03/2015-For sale Antique Sound Labs single end power amps. Explorer model, 50 watts, 845 output tubes. 1600 €. Contact jmacdaid@hotmail.com.

16/03/2015-For sale Accuphase DP-90 and Accuphase DC-91. 5000 €. Contact pqnrica@yahoo.com.

16/03/2015-For sale Audiophon 300B power amp. Perfect. Shuguang Treasure Special Edition power triodes. 890 €. Contact 3eresoa@gmail.com.

16/03/2015-For sale Bowers and Wilkins B&W PV1 subwoofer. 800 €. Selling due to upgrade to new model. Contact gusdec1@gmail.com.

16/03/2015-For sale Clearaudio Champion Limited Edition turntable with SME M2/9 tonearm. Mint. Original packaging, templates, accesories. One owner. 1625 €. Can send pics. Contact jesusboo@hotmail.com.

17/03/2015-For sale:

All perfect. Home use, not professional. Contact arocasjc@gmail.com.

17/03/2015-For sale Zu Audio Soul Superfly speakes ( http://www.atsoluciones.com/zu-audio-soul-superfly-es.html ). 2100 euros. Contact 3eresoa@gmail.com.

19/03/2015-For sale Mcintosh MA 6600 integrated amplifier. As new. Original box. 3100 € plus shipping. Stillin mcintosh 2015 catalogue (RRP 8000 € ). Only serious buyers. Contact jencinarmu@yahoo.es.

19/03/2015-For sale Kuzma Stabi S turntable with Stogi vta 313. Original box. 2300 €. Contact ma.galiacho@gmail.com.

20/03/2015-For sale Furutech power cord. 1,30, made by technician with Alfa-3 wire and Furutech FI-50 connectors with black sleeve. 385 €. Can send pics. Contact japa1951@gmail.com.

24/03/2015-For sale Mcintosh 2300, classic reference. Great condition. 2000 €. Contact audiothriode@gmail.com.

24/03/2015-For sale Mark Levinson No.326S Preamp near mint Condition. Original Manual, Box, Power Cord. 5000 €. Contact breezybery78@gmail.com.

25/03/2015-For sale Electrocompaniet ECI-4 integrated amplifier. Perfect. Onw owner. 800 €. Contact quefacilidad@yahoo.es.

25/03/2015-For sale B&W CDM1 EDICION ESPECIAL. As new. Natural wood. Ready for bicabling. Drivers and woord in perfect condition. RRP 1200 €. Each weigths 9 kg. Now selling for 450 €. Contact irguta@hotmail.com.

26/03/2015-For sale Dalí Zensor 7 speakers. As new. 10/10, one year old. Box. Selling due to upgrade. Contact oscarbartu@gmail.com.

27/03/2015-For sale Plinius M8 preamp. Balanced with remote. Perfect. Boxed. RRP 4325 € . Now 1500 €. Contact chicadogi@hotmail.es.

30/03/2015-For sale 2M Crystal Cable Power Cable Picolo Diamond with gold Furutech connectors 25/35. Perfect. Boxed. Great for sources and preamps. RRP 600 €. Now 260 €. Contact fisioterapiaconlasmanos@gmail.com.

30/03/2015-For sale KRELL KRC preamp with separated power supply. Balanced inputs and outputs. Remote, manual. Mint. 1600 €. Contact nherrero@live.com.

30/03/2015-For sale Jungson JA50 mono power amps. Perfect.80w class A. Contact rafaybond@hotmail.com.

31/03/2015-For sale tube DAC with 4 chip TDA 1540 and NOS vintage german and USA tubes. Great sound. Contact madrid1561@gmail.com.

16/04/2015-For sale Emitter I plus with separated power supply. 20Kg with preamp output and balanced inputs for CD. No phono. Last model. Mint. 9/10. 2950 €. Contact Japa1951@gmail.com.

17/04/2015-For sale Kuzma Stabi Reference 2 turntable (with PSU). Two years old. One owner. Mint. 4000 € (no tonearm nor cartridge). Contact faa3068@icaoviedo.es.

17/04/2015-For sale 4 WBT-0705Ag binding posts. Top of range. NIB. Invoice. 215 €. Contact jmmbarco@gmail.com.

17/04/2015-For sale NAIM CD5 and NAIM FLATCAP 2 power supply, NAIM cables and RCA QUED high end cable. 1000 €. Contact felipe.barroso.fuentes@gmail.com.

17/04/2015-For sale Plinius M8 preamp. Balanced, remote. RRP 4325 €. Now 1500 €. Contact chicadogi@hotmail.es.

24/04/2015-For sale Van den Hul CS122 speaker cable. 2.5 m. Contact antonio63731@gmail.com.

24/04/2015-For sale pair of Quad 2 with GEC vintage tubes. 1000 €. Would accept trade-in for EAR834P plus difference. Contact esteldemar_74@hotmail.com.

24/04/2015-For sale Audiophon triodes 300B power amp. 800 €. Offers welcome. Perfect. Contact 3eresoa@gmail.com.

24/04/2015-For sale:

The components are located in Valencia (Spain). Pictures can be sent on request. Delivery costs not included. It is a fabulous system to enjoy hi fi. If the whole remaining system is bought all together, price could be reviewed. Contact phone 669896115 or email p_blasco@yahoo.es.

12/05/2015-For sale PURIST HDI and Proteus interconnects with RCA plugs. Also PROTEUS Dominus power cord. Contact dtecnica@losal.es.

12/05/2015-For sale MERIDIAN 506.20 BIT cd player. Perfect. no remote. 350 €. Contact jmacdaid@hotmail.com.

12/05/2015-For sale:

Contact arre7469@hotmail.com.

12/05/2015-For sale Solidsteel 4.2 hi fi furniture. Ash grey. Mint. Boxed. 300 €. Contact akummetz@hotmail.es.

12/05/2015-For sale Audio Research CD3 MKII. Perfect. Boxed. 2200 €. Selling due to upgrade to Reference model. Contact jesuspepe@yahoo.es.

05/06/2015-For sale YBA DIVA cartridge. As new. Ligth use. Box and manuals. 350 €. Contact cesdp@hotmail.com.

05/06/2015-For sale Lowther PM2AC drivers (silver coil). With new suspensions. Serviced by expert technician. Can be sold with box Acousta 115. Contact ecaceres@filnet.es.

08/06/2015-For sale pair of Furutech power cords IEC FI 25 and Schuko EU FI-35. NIB. Boxed. 120 €. Contact cotenaes@gmail.com‏.

08/06/2015-For sale Proac Hexa speakers. 4 satellites and one center channel. Perfect. The 4 satellites in box. 1600 €. Contact ardavin@cnb.csic.es.

07/07/2015-For sale:

Contact jose@thecalculatorstore.com.

04/08/2015-For sale Concordant Exquisite peramp + Exclusive power supply. Designed by the famous DOUG DUNLOP in the 1980s. 8 tubes: 6x5751 Groove in preamp section + 2 5965 General Electric in preamp power supply. Power supply unit uses 2x 6CG7 Westhinghouse. In 1992 price was 1900 pounds.Condition is 9/10. Serviced by expert technician. Top of range of Dunlop creations. Contact mclh1949@gmail.com.

04/08/2015-For sale BEHRINGER USB - OPTICAL UCA 202 interface. Ultra-flexible audio interface connects your instruments, mixer, etc. with your computer for recording and playback. High-resolution 48 kHz converters for high-end audio quality. Works with your PC or Mac computer—no setup or drivers required. Free audio recording and editing software downloadable at behringer.com. Stereo Headphone output with dedicated Level control lets you monitor both input and output. Additional S/PDIF optical output for direct digital conversion. Powered via USB—no external power supply needed. High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life. 3-Year Warranty Program. Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany. Images http://i60.tinypic.com/9jlhzq.jpg, http://i61.tinypic.com/29z6kad.jpg, http://i57.tinypic.com/30axogh.jpg. Free optical cable. 35 € plus shipping .Contact mdrluz@gmail.com.

05/08/2015-For sale Sony SACD XA-1200ES multichannel player. Perfect working order and in good condition. Manual, remote, original packaging. In Stockholm. Payment by paypal. Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJeVo9rgdY4. Contact carlosbarrera11@hotmail.com.

07/08/2015-For sale Bauer Audio phono premap. Mint. Box and manuals. 9 months old, factory warranty. Selling due to not using it. RRP 3000 € and selling for half this price. Contact antoniodelaf@yahoo.es.

07/08/2015-For sale Classe CAP-101 integrated amplifier. Second owner. Invoice, box, docs. Mint conditon, 8/10 in audiogon scale, although I classify it as 7/10 due to age. Only problem is on remote that has a pot don't visible from outside. Selling for 800. Buyer chooses shipment method that it's not included in price. Contact Ramongergarcia@gmail.com.

14/08/2015-For sale Consonance Reference CD2.2MK3 HD cd player. Last model, can be used as DAC (24bit 192 KHz Digital input), balanced output and RCA (Sovtek 6h30). From jant, 2015, one owner, as bew, manuals, remote,etc. 750 €. Contact nherrero@live.com.

14/08/2015-For sale Shunyata Altair RCA 1 M. 300 €. New 1200 €, perfect. Contact valencia@tiendas-area.com.

17/08/2015-For sale Audio Research LS-2B in perfect working order. Original box. 950 €. Contact jaumealaro@yahoo.es.

17/08/2015-For sale COPLAND CTA 301 MKII tube preamp. Remote, excellent. Contact alfomical@googlemail.com.

17/08/2015-For sale Origin Live Aladdin cartridge. Improved version of Soundsmith Carmen. 2,12 mV. 47 K load. Only opened. RRP 700€. Now 450 €. Contact marad@hotmail.es.

18/08/2015-For sale Audioquest Phyton interconnect. Boxed, 2x1m RCA. 200 € (rrp 600 €). Perfect. Contact josepbello@gmail.com.

25/08/2015-For sale FOCAL 706 speakers (model in actual range). Walnut fisnish. 340 €. Contact lmadrados@hotmail.com.

25/08/2015-For sale Yaquin MC10L tube amp. Perfect. Great sound. Original box. 330 €. Contact miguelonrondon@hotmail.com.

26/08/2015-For sale KISO ACOUSTIC HB-1 monitor speakers. 4 years old. Perfect. Box, accesories, docs, gloves, bags. Included custom made stands. 8000 €. Would consider exchnages for other speakers. Contact discobel@hotmail.com.

26/08/2015-For sale TANNOY Gold LSU/15/8 crossovers. Can send pics. Contact rivas1959@gmail.com.

31/08/2015-For sale Van den Hul Cs 122 2m x 2 cables with WBT 645. 130 €. Contact jmgram59@gmail.com.

31/08/2015-For sale:

Trade in welcome. Equipment in Lisbon-Portugal. Contact pedrofurtad@gmail.com.

02/09/2015-For sale Van den Hul D 102mkll cables. 10m x 2. With XLR neutron. 90 €. Contact jmgram59@gmail.com.

02/09/2015-For sale PS Audio AC 12 power cord due to change from pre/power combo to integrated amplifier. Perfect. less than 7 months old. 650 €. Contact mnievesgv@hotmail.com.

04/09/2015-For sale Denon, ZYX and Ortofon MC cartridges. Light use, almost new. Contact dtecnica@losal.es.

04/09/2015-For sale CD TECHNICS SL-P1200. Perfect. 450 €. Contact luiswu08@gmail.com.

09/09/2015-For sale Pro-ject RS phono premap. As new. Black. Boxed. Contact manuelorensana@hotmail.es.

09/09/2015-For sale Heed Obelisk PRE preamplifier + 2 Heed Obelisk PM mono power amplifiers. Bougth to spanish Heed distributor. Mint, boxed. 3000 € (all was 4500 €). Contact ardavin@cnb.csic.es.

09/09/2015-For sale TRIGON ADVANCE phono preamp. Contact info@martinezenamorado.com.

09/09/2015-For sale LINN AKURATE 2200 power amp. Silver. With Dynamik power supply. 200 w 4 ohm. 111 w a 8 ohm. Perfect, boxed. 1300 €. Contact clm@yeso.pw.

09/09/2015-For sale Audio Analogue Maestro CD player. Exchange for tube amplifier. 1100 €. Contact jose.pareja.a@hotmail.com.

09/09/2015-For sale ATC SCM150 passive. Almost new. 9500 €. Contact buitragoss75@gmail.com.

10/09/2015-For sale Trilogy 948 power amp upgrade by expert technician. New capacitors, tubes in perfect working order. Mint. Box and manuals. 9,5/10. 850 €. Contact valeromolinero@gmail.com.

16/09/2015-For sale Benz Micro Ace SM 0.8 mV cartridsge. AS new, used only 10/15 hours. With all documents. 415 €. Contact marad@hotmail.es.

16/09/2015-For sale ATC SCM-7. First version. Perfect. Jumpers and grilles. 515 €. Can send pics. Contact javiergomezmadrigal@gmail.com.

16/09/2015-For sale Mark Levinson 331 (best sound from Mark Levinson). 2150 €. Contact vic38@telefonica.net.

16/09/2015-For sale Furutech Powerflux power cord. 1,80 m. Perfect, boxed. Was 2259 €. Now 790 €. Contact jgonzalezlopez@yahoo.es.

16/09/2015-For sale Magneplanar 1.7 speakers. Not used. As new. Contact hugazoplomo@hotmail.com.

16/09/2015-For sale MIT MH-750 S3 cables. 2m. Bananas or spades. 375 €. Contact vic38@telefonica.net.

21/09/2015-For sale Mark Levinson 23.5. Serviced. Excellent condition. 2150 €. Shipping not included. Contact sgyra21@gmail.com.

23/09/2015-For sale MIT AVT 2 interconnects. 100 €. Contact carles.colomer@wanadoo.es.

23/09/2015-For sale YBA 2 HCDT power amplifier. Perfect. Boxed. Contactar con serrano.julio@gmail.com.

30/09/2015-For sale ATC SCM-7 in mint condition. ATC sound in a small box. Original pakcging. Contact olivier2091@hotmail.com.

30/09/2015-For sale RCA-RCA The Chord Company Crimson VEE3 0,5 m (2 pairs). 35 euros/pair. Perfect condition. Contact alberto.ib.mr@gmail.com.

30/09/2015-For sale TRANSPARENT MUSICWAWE PLUS BIWIRE. 2,50m. Spades. 300 €. Contact salvamoca@hotmail.com.

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